Colour is Important

by | Sep 9, 2017

I’m veeery indie. Tempus Abbey is rather like an eight year old’s school sick note wonkily signed “Timmy’s Mum” in the sense that it’s entirely my own work and nobody’s buying it.

I made my own cover and by version eight I was very happy with it, but then I heard another (good deal more successful) indie author say something about cover design on a Youtube video.

Here are the two covers, by the way…

Beautiful, aren’t they? The chappie on Youtube mentioned that red/orange palettes suggest a post-apocalyptic genre, and I can see what he’s getting at. (He is/used to be a professional cover designer, so I appreciate his point of view). Post-apocalyptic isn’t what I’m writing, really, at all. Tempus Abbey is pretty straight young adult fantasy with hints of science fantasy swirling around the margins, so post-apocalyptic connotations are totally wrong.

I’ve therefore purpled it up, and also tilted the title to a jaunty angle, which I think looks rather neat. We’ll get there, little bit by

We’ll get there, little by little-bitty-bit..