Adding Paperback to Kindle Editions

Did you know that in addition to digital publishing, Amazon also provides a print-on-demand service called Createspace? I’d heard good things about adding a paperback version¬†because it integrates with Kindle. This means the product page for my novel Tempus Abbey shows two products – one for the ebook and one for the paperback.

This gives the (correct) impression that the book is available in more formats, which helps with the sense of professionalism your page gives off. It can be of genuine use too – One of my friends who doesn’t own a Kindle wanted the paperback version, and with just a click that wasn’t a problem!

The other thing this allows you to do is show to comparative prices next to one another.

The £2.31 is the current UK price for my Kindle version, the £9.90 the price for the paperback version, so when the customer looks at the sales page they see they are making a big saving by going with the Kindle version. Everyone likes a saving.

Anyway, the other wonderful thing a printed copy allows you to do is hold the actual book in your hand. To a new author that’s a pretty great feeling. The copy is sitting on my desk now.