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Tempus AbbeyRelaunching as a new edition in 2018!

Fray and Ira are just children. They couldn’t accidentally start a war, could they?

Fray is a painter and explorer with a talent for disobeying orders, but she also happens to be the daughter of an abbot, a daughter of the Confraternity. Ira is the son of a brilliant but troubled engineer on the run from another world: the dark, fenced industrial town of Emanuel Akkeri.

For many years Akkeri and the Confraternity have remained at odds, albeit separate, glaring at one another across a few miles of chilly northern coastline. Now though, the unstoppable force of the industrialist is about to come crashing into the immovable object of the abbeys.

As the tension ratchets up and up, Fray just hopes that no one important finds out about her new friend the fugitive.

The Trappings of Memory (A Story from Kinda’s Leap)

Guilt can make a person crazy.

Tomas Blythe is supposedly a rational man, an engineer in the admittedly shadowy industrial town of Kinda’s Leap. Ever since boyhood, however, he’s been haunted by the memory of an event that changed his life, and the lives of those he loved. Now he’s been given a strange task to complete, which will force him to confront his past and the boy he used to be.

Tempus Abbey (Fray & Ira Book 1)

Tempus Abbey will be released as an audiobook, but in the meantime here is a taster from my YouTube channel.

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Samuel Woodford is a historic buildings conservation student and author, who finally decided after persisting with fiction for eight and a half years that he’d produced something publishable. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the biggest helps in this journey was the completion of a PhD, which suddenly made the idea of reading and writing, alone, for months and months and months seem perfectly normal.

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